See what our foodie friends say about me 🙂

“Your positive feedback makes this even more special”

Thank you so much for inspiring our children over the past two weeks – lots of excitement about the sessions.

The children absolutely loved it and there was such a buzz about the learning in the room.

Thanks again on behalf of the whole school

Jamie Rodgers

Deputy Headteacher, Priestmead Primary School

Thank you for all your help putting on an amazing ‘Evening of Flavour’ Everyone loved the food and overall it was abig success raising £4128 for families around the world suffering from hunger.

I hope we will have another chance to work together in the future!


Curry For Change

Anita’s class was an eye-opener for Indian cooking. I’ve never particularly taken to Indian cuisine before but that’s because I’ve never taken the time to learn, and once she’s teaches you to cook everything from scratch you realise how easy and rewarding it is. I’d definitely cook Indian for my next dinner party!  Sophie


Our session with Anita was fun from beginning to end. She uses beautifully fresh ingredients and her recipes are all created from home recipes which reflect her original and personal touch. Her kitchen is stunning and the perfect setting for cooking together. It was amazing how much she managed to pack into the morning. I really enjoyed learning new techniques and will treasure the family recipes she generously shared with us. Thank you Anita!


I’m Indian, so I’ve finally managed to learn something to please my mum!

Really relaxed set up and a fun days activity!


Very,very much enjoyed my class today and Anita’s charming and gracious hospitality. Its’s so nice to be able to learn home cooking from her in a relaxed, comfortable home environment. ( Top of the range Kitchen too !) . I enjoyed everything and eating the food afterward!

Louise Wong

I enjoyed learning different dishes and it was helpful that all the ingredients were prepared beforehand. I have never cooked before and the course was the just the right level for beginner. Anita showed me knife skills and how to use different ingredients.


This is a really great course, not too difficult, but with really interesting flavours and a great atmosphere. I enjoyed learning about different flavor combination and how to make Daal.

Alice Berman

Simple, Imaginative, relaxed, very enjoyable, nice environment & lovely company. I definitely enjoyed the course – I’m not a natural cook!!!

Gail Abrahamson

Anita’s class was great fun and making the food was surprisingly easy. Ever since I’ve decided to eat less meat I’ve been eating a lot of pasta. I was particularly excited about learning how to make some new dishes that I can include in my repertoire. Anita showed me how to use local vegetables and interesting spices that allow an inexperienced cook like me to whip up some rather exotic and very tasty dishes in less than half an hour – accident free and delightful! What’s not to love :

Annette Burgard

More than carrots

Your opening day of cooking school.. Was Fantastic! I think we all had a great time ( I know I did), learned a lot about new types of cooking and techniques, tasted great food and just enjoyed your passion and energy for your cooking, your food, your culture and your cooking school! Thank you very much for the opportunity to be one of your first customers!

Paul Eisenberg

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