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“I like the drama that comes with cooking”

I am a chef and presenter on Simply Good Food TV.  Working for many years in media, I love the buzz and the thrill that comes with it, but wanted to incorporate this with food cooking and most importantly promoting healthy eating. Hence I learnt the ropes of being a food presenter at Leiths School of Food and Wine.

Through my presenting and videos, I want to show that eating healthy, being vegan or vegetarian doesn’t have to be boring. All my videos show how simple it is to create healthy nutritious meals without the need to spend hours in the kitchen, and yet achieving maximum flavour. Half an hour to an hour meals is my kind of food.

My Motto:

‘Have fun whilst cooking’ – You don’t need to create a masterpiece, simple food made with few ingredients is always the best.

My series "Return to Kenya" & book "Flavours of Kenya".

So excited to announce my debut book and series which will be available on Amazon Prime Video and to purchase on the Amazon store on 24th November 2018

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