Welcome to Anita's Kitchen


I have a passion for cooking and have developed this since my childhood in Kenya.​

I find cooking therapeutic and love the drama that comes with it, going to local markets, the feeling that you get when touching the veg, fruits, playing with spices, chopping, peeling, tasting…..

Welcome to Anita's Kitchen


My debut series “Return to Kenya” is available now on Amazon Prime Video. Click here on the link below to watch the first season.

Welcome to Anita's Kitchen


My debut book “Flavours of Kenya” is now available as a paperback and on Kindle. Click on the link below to get your copy on Amazon.

Welcome to Anita's Kitchen


At Anita’s Kitchen we focus on teaching how to cook delicious, healthy food using spices, seasonal wonky veg and also show how to reduce food waste by using whatever is in your fridge or pantry. All the recipes are focused on teaching simple, healthy balanced meals to suit a busy lifestyle.

Welcome to Anita's Kitchen

Born in a vegetarian family like most Kutchi Gujarati’s, our diet is mainly plant based, full of grains, lentils and dairy. A very much of an adventurous and spontaneous cook, most of my dishes tend to be a fusion of my favourite cuisines, African, Gujarati Indian  Middle Eastern and Italian.  

Living ‘green’ is second nature to me, but I know being a new vegan or vegetarian can be daunting. I want to pass down the traditional recipes with a bit of my style and my own creations to all those who want to go on a plant-based diet.

“Live Green, Eat Green and Be Healthy”

As a Food Revolution Ambassador and a very strong believer in keeping our planet green, recycling and reusing, I believe we have a moral and ethical responsibility to future generations. I am very passionate about tackling child obesity and work with schools to promote healthy eating amongst kids. LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE!

My series "Return to Kenya" & book "Flavours of Kenya".

So excited to announce my debut series & book, which will be available on Amazon Prime Video and to purchase on Amazon from the 24th November 2018.

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From Sunday Brunch (C4) to Forbes to BBC Asian Network, I’ve been lucky enough to be featured to share my food journey on TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers.


Thank you so much for inspiring our children over the past two weeks – lots of excitement about the sessions.

The children absolutely loved it and there was such a buzz about the learning in the room.

Thanks again on behalf of the whole school

Jamie Rodgers

Deputy Headteacher, Priestmead Primary School

Thank you for all your help putting on an amazing ‘Evening of Flavour’ everyone loved the food and overall it was a big success raising £4,128 for families around the world suffering from hunger.

I hope we will have another chance to work together in the future!


Curry For Change

Anita’s class was an eye-opener for Indian cooking. I’ve never particularly taken to Indian cuisine before but that’s because I’ve never taken the time to learn and once she teaches you to cook everything from scratch you realise how easy and rewarding it is. I’d definitely cook Indian for my next dinner party!


Our session with Anita was fun from beginning to end. She uses beautifully fresh ingredients and her recipes are all created from home recipes which reflect her original and personal touch. Her kitchen is stunning and the perfect setting for cooking together. It was amazing how much she managed to pack into the morning. I really enjoyed learning new techniques and will treasure the family recipes she generously shared with us. Thank you Anita!


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