After crunching numbers for over fifteen years for companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, London based chef Anita Kerai made a decade long dream come true last year when she left behind her financial accounting career to pursue her passion for food: to recreate recipes from her Kenyan-Indian upbringing for her new show, Return to Kenya, which just came out on Amazon Prime in the UK, US and EU. “I was always thinking about doing something with food because most Kenyans love cooking – my dad loves cooking, mum mum loves cooking – it’s part of my growing up,” Kerai told Forbes.

Kerai combined her entertainment industry experience and lifelong cooking skills with a course in TV presenting last year, where encouragement from her tutor led to the three week shoot across Kenya last May, where Kerai was born. “My producer Tony, who was my tutor at Leith’s [School of Food and Wine], said, ‘Anita you’ve got something, you need to do something with your talent.’ I was happy with my cookery school and presenting on Facebook, teaching kids – and then the idea of doing the series came up because I hadn’t been to Kenya for twenty two years and I was feeling homesick,” Kerai told me.

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