Just a little about me…

“Living Green is Second Nature to Me”

So, first a little about myself…

I am a mum of two and a qualified accountant by profession but I’ve spent the last 15 years working in television and the media. The thought of turning my hobby into my job has been with me since my daughter was born ten years ago. However, my passion and love for cooking has been there since I was a child growing up in Kenya .So finally, at the beginning of 2017, I took the plunge to turn my dream into a reality

I realized I loved the buzz of working in the entertainment industry but I wanted to incorporate this with food and cooking and, most importantly, promoting healthy eating.

Food for me is a celebration; it gives me the opportunity to explore new ingredients, to share and connect with my family and friends, and to break up the daily routine. Being in the kitchen allows me to de-stress, listen to music, think of my travels and, most of all, and be free.

And as my mum always says’ the best thing that you can give someone is to feed them’, hence cooking is my way of spreading and sharing my love.


My New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to set up Anita’s Kitchen and train to be a Food Presenter at Leiths School of Food and Wine, along with becoming a Food Revolution Ambassador.


What can I say about 2018

It’s been the most exciting year as my TV series ‘RETURN TO KENYA and book ‘FLAVOURS OF KENYA is now on Amazon.

My love for teaching kids has led me to work with various primary schools.

There was a time when I did not know what to call myself, but now I am a chef, TV presenter and author.

My Roots

My ancestral roots are from Kutch, a western district of Gujarat in India, hence my food reflects simple, but nutritious, one-pot meals and rotla’s made with millet or sorghum. This is the type of food we Kutchi’s love to eat without spending hours in the kitchen. ​​
Given that we all live a busy lifestyle, I love the simplicity that comes from cooking meals which can be whizzed up in thirty minutes to an hour midweek with just the ingredients in your pantry.
On weekends I might show off my Kenyan roots and go with my mum’s style of cooking, making very Kenyan dishes.

My Favourites

Mogo (cassava)

Being one of the staple foods I grew up with, I’d just boil and bake it in the oven in olive oil and depending on what I fancy I might make it into a curry with coconut milk or just add some peppers, chilli powder and lemon and eat it as a snack.

Bateta Vadas

My kids love these as a burger. I simply layer with garlicky red chutney, green chutney made from fresh coriander and tamarind sauce in a bun topped with spicy chickpea noodles.

Masala Chips

Did I mention chips!!! Yes baked not fried. Tossed in thick tomato sauce almost like spicy tangy ketchup.


My favourite of all dishes is Githeri highly nutritious and filling – my spiced up version is made with corn kernels, mixed beans and peanuts, eaten with chapatis or by itself.

Corn on the Cob - Anita's Kitchen Style!

We Kenyans love maize or should I say corn!!! Another favourite of mine is corn on the cob in spiced tomato sauce, peanuts and coconut, which reminds me of my after school snacks sold by the street vendor at the school gates. The freshly roasted corn on the cob on a make shift charcoal grill sizzling in chilli and lemon was too die for!!!!

These are just a few, the list just gets bigger once I start reminiscing of Kenya. All these to be enjoyed with a hot cup of Masala Chai which makes my weekend that extra bit special.

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