Anita Kerai’s Healthy Indian Styles

Anita Kerai, a Kenyan-Gujarati chef and presenter on Simply Good Food TV, runs a similar cookery school in Harrow near London.

My cooking has always been about simple and healthy eating. As I am a very green person the whole ethos about my cookery school is about reducing food waste and promoting healthy eating. I try to show people how to make meals by using less oil, more spices and adding vegetables and lentils to their diets.

Apart from staple Indian dishes, Anita – a mother of two – also uses her mixed ancestry to her advantage by introducing several ‘fusion’ dishes to her clients.

Although most of my clients are English, I have had Japanese, American, Czech, Chinese, German and a few young British Asians as well. All of them have been professionals who want to experience Indian cooking, or new vegans, vegetarians or people who generally want to reduce their meat intake.
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