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“Simple, Healthy & Balanced”

Maru Bhajias

Bhajias are an extremely popular snack across East Africa and Maru bhajias are quite famous in Nairobi. Maru bhajias are named after Muru, the owner of the restaurant. The bhajias became quite famous not just among the Indian community but with the locals as well, and on Sundays it was the must-go-to place to eat after spending the afternoon in Uhuru Park.

Mandazi (or Mahamri)

Mandazi, also known as the Swahili doughnut, originates from the coastal region and is also a main bread for the Swahilis who live near the African Great Lakes (Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika). Also known as mahamri when made with coconut milk, it is a favourite snack and staple breakfast bread for all Kenyans.

Strawberry and Avocado Faluda


I first tried faluda when I was ten years old. The Indian milkshake made its way to Kenya and the Kenyan Indians brought it to London. Traditionally made from full-fat milk, rose syrup, basil seeds, vermicelli and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it is very heavy and full of sugar and calories, so, being health conscious, I went on a mission to come up with a healthier vegan alternative.

Sukuma Wiki

 This literally means ‘stretch the week’ in Swahili. This rustic African dish, common in many parts of East Africa, is usually made with collard greens, but can be just as tasty with kale. Robust, leafy greens are readily available in Kenya; they are grown in most gardens and eaten for dinner almost every day.

Ethiopian Cauliflower Curry

 Cauliflower….. This is one vegetable that I would have avoided eating till a few months ago. I like it raw but hate the texture when cooked the traditional Indian way. Now it’s one of my usual saak (when I say saak I mean curry), as it used to kind of bug me that I hadn’t found the magic formula to make me want to eat it.

Khichri (Kee-ch-ree)

When in a hurry and wanting to eat something yummy, filling and comforting yet healthy!!!. That’s my kind of heavenly humble food. Kutchi’s use more moong dal than rice in their Khichri as it much healthier and lower in carbs.

Gujarati Raw Mango and Carrot, Tindora Pickle

I love mangoes especially raw, as I grew up surrounded by mango trees in my garden. The tanginess especially with a bit of salt and red chilli powder is most Kenyan’s ideal snack. Back home in Kenya we used to have street vendors near my school selling this at the gates for just a few shillings.

So any excuse to make this pickle!

Coconut Cashew Cranberry Squares

My love for coconut, cashews, cranberries and orange inspired me to make these yummy squares.

I tend to make this as a dessert for my Diwali parties as its simple, quick, healthy and can be made in just 20-30 minutes without the hard work required in making a traditional coconut barfi. Just one mouthful, the hint of orange reminds me of sunshine.

Quinoa Peanutty Chocolate Bars

Diwali…Festival of lights, celebrations, fireworks, good over evil. This is one festival I look forward to very year. Diwali for me is all about family, friends and food. Remember those days as a child you would peek into the kitchen, and sneak a Barfi (Chocolate barfi, ooh I just couldn’t resist), Chakri, Bundi Ladoos, Muthiya…without your mom noticing!!. Just the aroma of the snacks and sweets would be enough to get us drooling!!!! We have become more westernised, health conscious but our love for sweets remains the same! We can’t have Diwali without sweets!!!


Kidney Beans and Corn Saak

I am writing this while sitting with my dear mum at Moorfield’s Eye Hospital. In general the first question she asks is what are you making for dinner tonight? My answer to her is I don’t know… but that simple question always gets my mind going………

On the way on the Met line she mentioned that there is a new air con train from Nairobi to Mombasa, sweetcorn came to my mind. So I thought why not make my super quick simple Kidney Beans and Corn Saak. I always tend to use fresh but I am sure you have a tin of sweet corn and kidney beans in your cupboard so here’s the recipe.

Cricket Energy Ball

Yes!!!!!! I am a massive cricket fan and this was the match I could not miss, India vs Pakistan CT17 at Edgbaston. I had an exhilarating day full of cheering, shouting, blowing my hooter in my India shirt and hat and of course the atmosphere full of Indian dhol players, everyone waving their flags, clapping, cheering was one to cherish forever.

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