Working With Schools

Cooking & working with children…IT’S SO REWARDING

“Learn, Create & Cook”

“Cooking with kids is not just about food, it’s about exploring, empowering and encouraging imagination, creativity and fun”

Promoting healthy eating amongst children is one of the causes close to my heart as I believe that by investing in a child you are investing in the future of the economy. As child obesity is on the rise, my workshops are aimed at educating kids to make healthy food choices. The workshops are very interactive, hands-on and the kids develop an understanding about nutrition and healthy eating whilst having fun. Designed to meet each school’s needs, in line with the national curriculum incorporating British Values and adjusted according to the age group, can be delivered as a cookery programme during the school day or as an after school activity.

Here is a snapshot of what we do:
  • Play games such as which cereal wins, sugar vs fat, fruit bingo, food pairs, spot the missing vegetable and asking questions to the kids.
  • Link the workshop to topical issues such as British week, Diwali, African history or special events.
  • British values, sports, seasons and culture.
  • Talk about ingredients that we are going to use, food science, British farms, wonky vegetables, why we need to reduce food waste.
  • Watch a video showing different rainbow coloured foods and talk about why the kids need types of food and what happens if they run out of energy.
  • Talk about the ingredients that we were going to use to make the recipe.
  •  Encouraging team building as they work in groups.
  • Introduce a fruit and veg that they haven’t tried before such as a beetroot or radish before making their treat.
  • Kids actively participate in all stages of cooking, washing vegetables and fruit, chopping, mixing and help tidy up after each step.


I am DBS checked and have experience working with kids. All workshops include ingredients and recipe cards and last 40-60 minutes.

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